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Hello. I’m S. Ramsey

As a writer, I don’t just use words to describe what I see; I create stories that take the reader somewhere unexpected. If you’d like to get lost in a fantasy themed narrative and take a break from reality, I invite you to explore my site — there is so much for you to discover.

Fantasy Gaming
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Tales of Witches and Wyverns

July 2023

Ever wonder if a faerie could be your neighbor? 🧚🏻 Or if mythical creatures like Gryphons and Puca hide among us? Welcome to our world, where magic isn't just a dream! 🌟🌙
For fans of the epic series 'Court of Thorns and Roses' and 'The Lunar Chronicles,' comes another thrilling YA fantasy series that'll take your breath away! 📚💖
Meet Enid Davies - not your ordinary teen! She's more of a cursed witch's daughter and far from the hero type. But when her BFF Dylan is kidnapped by the evil Queen Malagant, things get real crazy, real fast! 😱👑
Enid is plunged into a dangerous quest in the mystical world of Afallon, with the legendary Merlin as her guide and a couple of contentious companions - a cruel prince and a mysterious ally. Talk about a wild ride! 🏰🔮
Could Dylan be the lost Dragon Prince, the stolen heir of Annwyn, the one to save the enchanted realm? Or is it all a monstrous misunderstanding? 🤔🐉
Join Enid as she navigates heart-breaking betrayals to save her friend, and fights to protect both worlds from the clutches of darkness. It's a roller-coaster of an epic odyssey that is truly out of this world! 🌍✨
"Enid and Dylan- candidates for ‘Best Couple’ and ‘Best Dynamic Duo.’ " - says Outstanding Creator Awards Review. 👩❤️👨
Literary Titan calls it a "Lush tapestry of characters and settings," and it's also a Gold Medal Winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards. 🥇🌹
🏆First Place Winner in three categories in the 2024 Outstanding Creator Awards - Fantasy, Teen and YA, and Myths & Legends🏆
Ready for an unforgettable coming-of-age journey? Grab your copy NOW and let Enid and Dylan take you on a heart-stopping magical adventure! 🚀🦄

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"Plucky and Perilous - A Fast-Paced Fantasy Romance Adventure." - Kirkus Reviews

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The colorful circle rose from the floor until it became a cylinder of swirling, iridescent light. The crowd broke out in an uproar and Bendith launched himself at an unseen target. Then, like a shimmering curtain, the incandescent pillar parted, and a dark spectral figure emerged into the room.

Everything stopped.

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Book 2 of the Tales of Witches and Wyverns series will get released OCT 2024

Available for Pre-order

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